Cooking for the Family

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Cooking for the family is one of the most important things moms and dads do. Their goal is always to feed the family well with healthy meals and to prepare food that everyone looks forward to eating.

When cooks enjoy being in the kitchen, it carries over to mealtime and families grow closer. The Mama’s Legacy Cookbook Series makes all of that possible.

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Dinner – 55 Easy Recipes

Breakfast and Brunch – 60 Delicious Recipes

Dessert – 50 Scrumptious Recipes

Chicken – 25 Classic Dinners

Mexican Favorites – 21 Traditional Recipes

Side Dishes – 60 Great Recipes

Sauce Recipes – 50 Tasty Choices

Writing cookbooks has been a long-held dream of mine. I have a great passion for well-prepared, delicious food, and hopefully the Mama’s Legacy Cookbooks Series will inspire you to stretch your creative cooking wings and begin to build your own collection of recipes that can be shared with others.

I have been collecting recipes for over 60 years. The sources are numerous – beginning with my mother, then friends, colleagues, church groups, and a few updated versions of my own recipes from the Internet. Other origins include old cookbooks going back to my early married years, recipes found in product packaging, and magazines that I have kept in a box in my pantry for eons.

Many were copied exactly from the paper on which they were originally written; some have morphed a little over the years; and some are newer versions of long-held recipes that have been passed from friend to friend to friend.