Nancy N. Wilson (Author)

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Nancy N. Wilson

All things beautiful are my passion. I enjoy anything that a masterful hand creates. Writing is one of those, cooking is another and the third is development of the human spirit. The first two captured my interest and imagination at a very young age, the third came much later.

My first series, “Mama’s Legacy Cookbooks,” was a pleasure to create because it allowed me to tap into the two early interests and to publish cookbooks that my audience can use and enjoy time and time again.

I began my love affair with cooking when I was very young. As soon as I could reach the counter top my mother gave me free range in the kitchen. I was allowed to mix and mix and mix, building my masterpieces. They were nothing more that wild combinations of flour, sugar, spices and water, but to me it was creating at its best. When I finished with each endeavor, we tossed it all and happily cleaned up the kitchen, looking forward to the next time. My creative spirit in the kitchen had taken root.

My first adventure in writing came my senior year in high school when I decided to take a writing correspondence course, which was very forward-looking for the time. I experienced the first thrill of putting pen to paper, and all these years later it is still one of the most pleasurable activities in my life.

The power of the human spirit and an understanding of the personal power we all possess came in my mid- to late forties when I found myself a divorced, single-mother of four children – two teenager daughters and two young boys. Suddenly, I was on my own and had to find a way to make it all work. The following years of deep personal introspection and self discovery were amazing and life changing; and now, I want to share my thoughts and experience with others through my writing.

If I had my druthers, I would write all the time. In fact, that is pretty much what I do because I have reached a point in my life where it is now possible.

In addition to the “Mama Legacy Cookbook Series” and “Cake Making Made Easy,” I have another book, “Candy Making Made Easy” that provides detailed instructions about the candy-making process and 16 starter recipes to help apply what the reader has learned. I loved writing this book because it brought back so many wonderful memories of candy-making with my mom on those long summer nights when I was a young girl.

My more recent works have moved in a slightly different direction. “Attitude Adjustment – Make Your Whole Outlook Brand New,” discusses the impact that attitude can have on the life you live. Is it one of constant doom and gloom, or one of happiness and joy. If it is the later, terrific – keep doing what you are doing! If it is the gloom and doom, negative attitude that pushes people away, the book gives you some options of things you can do to change. It is a short book, but full of great information.

“DETOX – The Master Cleanse Diet” provides a detailed, step-by-step set of instructions on how to properly cleanse your body – to help you eliminate all the toxic waste build up that is making you feel sluggish and less than excited about facing each day. It is a great first step toward better health and and a greater sense of well being.

I have several other Kindle books written under pen names with a number of books in process.

All my work is non-fiction. Even though I love fiction, that has never been my focus and there are others who do it so much better than I. My choice has always been and will continue to be to write about topics that interest and intrigue me and to share what I discover with my readers.