Breakfast and Brunch – 60 Delicious Recipes

Breakfast & Brunch Cookbook CoverBreakfast & Brunch, Volume II of the Mama’s Legacy Series is a collection of 60 scrumptiously delicious recipes that you and your family will love. This is a new and updated version of the cookbook with almost twice the number of  breakfast and brunch recipes than the number included in the original edition. I have tried to offer a variety of choices from my personal collection. The recipes include tasty easy breakfast dishes that can be put together quickly for those busy mornings when everyone is going in a million directions, plus recipes for the full hearty family breakfast when there is time.

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day and this little cookbook is filled with my family’s favorites that I could not wait to share with you!

This collection of breakfast and brunch recipes offers a great selection of healthy, easy-to-make smoothies for the quick “make and take” meals; and, a variety of more elaborate offerings that work well for a big Sunday breakfast or a special brunch prepared for friends

For family-pleasing breakfasts, you will definitely want to try my special “hidden secret” versions of Old-fashioned Pancakes, Yummy Waffles, and Not-so-Traditional French Toast to name a few.

This is a wonderful cookbook filled with breakfast & brunch delights that you do not want to miss!

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