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Motivation for Weight Loss Is an Inside Job

Staying motivated to lose weight can be challenging. Unfortunately, the only person who has control over that motivation is you. It is definitely an inside job. Others can inspire you, support you, even push you, but if you do not have good enough reasons to remain internally motivated, you will not lose weight. Motivation for weight […]

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Are You Eating Enough Fiber?

There is an abundance of commercials touting the benefits of fiber in your diet. So, what is fiber and why is it important? It is interesting that fiber is actually an indigestible component of many foods – including fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains. Unlike most foods that we eat, the body does […]

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Emotional Issues and Weight Problems

When people struggle with weight – overweight or underweight – the underlying cause may be emotional.  Because of that, anyone with weight issues should try to identify their emotional relationship to food and the cause, if at all possible. Quiet introspection with serious intent can usually uncover the reasons for using food as a drug […]

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