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Health Risks from Being Overweight

There are many health issues that can result from being overweight. In fact, you do not have to be obese to suffer from a weight-related illness.  We have already talked about BMI as an indicator of general health. Please, be aware that when your BMI reaches 25, you are at risk. Another fact to keep […]

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Yoga to Heal the Mind and Body

Use yoga to heal the mind and body. I know, you may be groaning as you visualize – someone sitting cross-legged on a mat with the finger and thumb forming a circle, and silently mouthing “OM.” You may be surprised to know that yoga is so much more than challenging postures and a type of […]

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Overcoming Obstacles when Learning to Meditate

Overcoming obstacles is one of the biggest challenges when learning to meditate. There is always a learning curve when you start something new, and learning how to meditate is no different. There are some common obstacles that will have to be overcome in order to be successful. Trouble Focusing The biggest obstacle is often your […]

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Change Your Life – Mediate 15 Minutes a Day

It is possible to change your life by meditating only 15 minutes each day. If you are longing for relief from the intense pressures and stress brought on by endless responsibilities, meditation is a tool you should seriously consider. Thousands of people practice it regularly – some daily, some weekly – and benefit immensely. There is scientific […]

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