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How to Pack Safe Lunches

Knowing  how to pack safe lunches should be at the top of every parent’s list. This can be done if you know a few basic rules and pay attention to the foods you choose and how you pack them. The following storage and cooling ideas will help you maintain the safety of your children’s packed lunches. […]

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Why You Should Pack Your Child’s Lunch

There are two major reasons why you should pack your child’s lunch rather than have him/her eat lunches provided by the school. – It is easier on your budget. – It provides much better nutrition for young, growing bodies. Yes, you are absolute correct, it is not as easy as simply handing the child money or buying lunch tickets. It does take time […]

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Healthy and Easy-to-Prepare Lunches

Planning and smart grocery shopping are essential for feeding your family healthy, nutritious meals. The process can take a great deal of time and effort. To make it even more complicated, gone are the days of hour-long lunch breaks. They are typically only 30 minutes, which means lunches must be simple. They must be prepared and […]

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A Healthy Brain for Your Child

Parents worry about their children and want them to be active, healthy and successful. Unfortunately, today’s fast-paced world often makes it challenging to find the time to plan and serve healthy meals – and to make a serious effort to think about what their children are putting into their bodies. Yet, in order to ensure […]

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Involve Children with Meal Planning

There are some very solid reasons to involve children with meal planning and preparation. The most common ones are: You have a very fussy eater. Your child loves “junk food” too much. You need to keep your high-octane ball of energy busy and/or entertained. Another very good reason is that research from the National Institute of […]

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