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Triggers for Stress Eating

In my last post, the question was asked, Are you a stress eater? Today we are going to look at triggers for stress eating.  When you can identify the triggers  that set you off, you will have a much better chance of stopping the binges before they start. People sometimes joke about being a stress […]

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Add Hiking to Your Exercise Routine

Expanding your weekly exercise routine with new and different physical activities is always a good idea. Incorporating hiking into your routine is smart because it burns a lot of calories and works muscles not used in the more common workouts. Do not jump into hiking – full speed ahead. You could injure yourself. Before you […]

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Four Reasons to Start Hiking This Summer

Summer in most parts of the country is the perfect time to start hiking. Make it one of your priorities and begin to enjoy the benefits right away. If hiking is a new adventure for you, start out slowly with easy hiking trails. Gradually build-up to harder, more challenging ones. There are four reasons to […]

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Psychological Factors Can Affect Concentration

The last few posts have been about “brain fog” and potential physical causes. Today, I would like to broaden that discussion – specifically, your ability to concentrate and some related issues that may be the result of psychological issues rather than physical. Do You . . . •    Have a hard time concentrating? •    Have […]

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