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What to Do to Get Started Walking

In my last post we looked at eight reasons why you should walk for your health: to lose weight; for heart and brain health; to get happy endorphins flowing, for more energy and general well-being. Hopefully, you were inspired to include walking as part of your daily activities. Today, we are going to talk about […]

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Walk for Your Health

When you see (or hear) the words: Walk for your Health, you may flinch and think, “Enough is enough!” Everywhere you turn there are articles, research, advice from fitness experts, etc. that tell you to walk for you health. You know that walking is good for you – I know that walking is good for […]

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Psychological Factors Can Affect Concentration

The last few posts have been about “brain fog” and potential physical causes. Today, I would like to broaden that discussion – specifically, your ability to concentrate and some related issues that may be the result of psychological issues rather than physical. Do You . . . •    Have a hard time concentrating? •    Have […]

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