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5 Lifestyle Factors that Can Hurt Your Brain

The way you live your life either contributes to brain health or causes a decline in brain functions such as memory, cognitive ability and focus. There are five lifestyle factors that can hurt your brain by diminishing its function. To make matters worse, these factors typically become a bigger problem as you age. The good news is […]

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10 Crucial Practices for a Healthy Life

We cannot always control what happens to us, but we can control the choices we make that help or harm our health. Today, I want to share 10 crucial practices for a healthy life. 1.    Eat Healthy Food This is the foundation of a healthy life and a no-brainer, yet many people ignore this […]

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The Social Factor of Quitting Smoking

It is not easy to stop smoking because you have to deal with the addiction on two fronts – physical and psychological. You not only have to suffer with physical withdrawal symptoms, you also have to face psychological withdrawal. If that is not enough, you are faced with the social factor of quitting smoking, as […]

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Secondhand Smoke Endangers Children and Pets

You are probably well aware of the health risks tied to smoking. Unfortunately, that is not where the risks end. Smokers are also putting others at risk from the secondhand smoke. This is the smoke that fills the room when people are smoking and is inhaled by others. If a woman smokes while pregnant, she […]

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