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A Quit Smoking Journal

Many people find that keeping a quit smoking journal is a helpful tool. It can help you track your progress, express your thoughts and feelings, and record the ups and downs along the way. Recording the “wins” is especially important Later your journal may be a source of inspiration for a friend or family member […]

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Electronic Cigarettes – Are They Safe?

Electronic cigarettes are a current popular method to stop smoking. You see them everywhere – in kiosks in the mall, in the grocery stores, and multiple sources Online. It is a billion-dollar industry. This brings us to the the big question – Are they safe? In theory, they sound great. Based on all the promotions, […]

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10 Benefits of Quitting Smoking

There are many benefits of quitting smoking; but today, I want to discuss 10 benefits that hopefully will strengthen your resolve to quit. Even though cigarettes are as addictive as illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin, cigarettes are not only legal, they are sold everywhere from vending machines to supermarkets, which makes them easily accessible […]

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Coping with Nicotine Withdrawal

Coping with nicotine withdrawal is extremely challenging because of the strong addiction individuals have to cigarettes. Nicotine has been proven scientifically to be as addictive as cocaine and heroin. But, even though there are treatment programs available to help people stop using cocaine and heroin, smokers are generally left to their own devices in order […]

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