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Healthy Hanukkah Recipes – Latkes and Toppings

I thought it would be fun to share a few healthy Hanukkah recipes that you could use for Hanukkah 2014. Hanukkah is filled with feasting and wonderful traditional foods. This is a great year to think about how to honor the traditions and serve healthier dishes at the same time.  These four recipes (two latkes […]

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Keep Little Ones Happy and Healthy This Holiday Season

Happy, Healthy Holiday Season for Little Ones As the holiday season approaches, many of us think about our own need to stay healthy and active. As we think about the parties, the cookies, the candy, the eggnog and all the wonderful food … a small sigh escapes our lips …. There goes the diet! Adults […]

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The Hanukkah Miracle – Celebrate in Good Health

Celebrate the Hanukkah Miracle and Good Health with Olive Oil During Hanukkah we remember the miracle of the menorah, when one small flask of olive oil burned for eight days. One way to honor and celebrate this miracle is to use olive oil in many of the dishes that are prepared It is common knowledge today that […]

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Christmas Time and Good Intentions

Make Your Good Intentions Your Reality This Christmas Season Christmas Time and good intentions often go hand-in-hand. This is the holiday when we promise ourselves that we will focus on family, but somehow those good intentions get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. It is busy. It is hectic. There is simply […]

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Enjoy a Healthy Christmas Work Party

Healthy Christmas Work Party The annual Christmas Party notice is posted on the bulletin board. Your reaction is to cringe. Healthy eating was finally a habit! Your kitchen is stocked with all the foods your diet requires, and now THIS. Take heart! There are ways you can enjoy a Christmas party and stay on track […]

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