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Focus Your Energy on Well-being

To live a happy, healthy, balanced life, you must learn to focus your energy on well-being. Self-care on all levels should be an integral part of your lifestyle. There is an abundance of information available about the benefits of eating well and exercising regularly to sustain a healthy mind and body. In fact, I write […]

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Triggers for Stress Eating

In my last post, the question was asked, Are you a stress eater? Today we are going to look at triggers for stress eating.  When you can identify the triggers  that set you off, you will have a much better chance of stopping the binges before they start. People sometimes joke about being a stress […]

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Are You a Stress Eater?

Are you a stress eater? If you are not, you are very lucky. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I am!  If you are too, or think you may be . . . please, read on. Stress eating is a bad habit that develops over many years. For those who are afflicted, you may or may […]

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10 Crucial Practices for a Healthy Life

We cannot always control what happens to us, but we can control the choices we make that help or harm our health. Today, I want to share 10 crucial practices for a healthy life. 1.    Eat Healthy Food This is the foundation of a healthy life and a no-brainer, yet many people ignore this […]

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High Stress Slows Down Your Brain

Lower Your Stress to Clear Brain Fog Are there times when you have trouble remembering someone’s name, even someone you have known for a long time? Do you go into a room to do something, but once you get there you forget what you wanted in the first place? How about calling one of your […]

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