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Add Hiking to Your Exercise Routine

Expanding your weekly exercise routine with new and different physical activities is always a good idea. Incorporating hiking into your routine is smart because it burns a lot of calories and works muscles not used in the more common workouts. Do not jump into hiking – full speed ahead. You could injure yourself. Before you […]

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5 Lifestyle Factors that Can Hurt Your Brain

The way you live your life either contributes to brain health or causes a decline in brain functions such as memory, cognitive ability and focus. There are five lifestyle factors that can hurt your brain by diminishing its function. To make matters worse, these factors typically become a bigger problem as you age. The good news is […]

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Emotional Issues and Weight Problems

When people struggle with weight – overweight or underweight – the underlying cause may be emotional.  Because of that, anyone with weight issues should try to identify their emotional relationship to food and the cause, if at all possible. Quiet introspection with serious intent can usually uncover the reasons for using food as a drug […]

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High Stress Slows Down Your Brain

Lower Your Stress to Clear Brain Fog Are there times when you have trouble remembering someone’s name, even someone you have known for a long time? Do you go into a room to do something, but once you get there you forget what you wanted in the first place? How about calling one of your […]

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Overcoming Obstacles when Learning to Meditate

Overcoming obstacles is one of the biggest challenges when learning to meditate. There is always a learning curve when you start something new, and learning how to meditate is no different. There are some common obstacles that will have to be overcome in order to be successful. Trouble Focusing The biggest obstacle is often your […]

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