The Great American Cookbook Project

Help Us Compile the Best Cookbook Ever! Cookbook with wooden spoon (pink)

The goal is to collect the best recipes from every state and region of the United States and publish a fabulous cookbook – The Great American Cookbook – that will become an heirloom for mothers to pass to their children. I am inviting YOU and all your friends to participate in this project.  I am looking for family favorites, recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, regional and cultural specialties, new recipes that you have just discovered, and any other types of recipes that you love.

I also encourage you to include a story about the recipe – how did you find the recipe, why do you love it, when do you use it, etc.

Start posting your favorite recipes TODAY! 

Share Your Recipes

As I receive them, I will prepare (and test) many of them myself and invite readers to prepare them, as well and give us their impressions.  Together we will find the best of the best.

I have no idea how large the book will be, it is all up to you.  The goal is to have at least one recipe from every state and major region of the United States in each of the four basic categories:

  • Breakfast 
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert

We’ll see where the recipes take us! I am excited and I hope you will be too.

Send your recipes today.  You can submit as many entries as you like.

Prizes will be given for the winners of all contests that are run in connection with the development of the book.

Complete details will be posted at a later date. Just know that if your recipe is included, you will receive credit.

It would be great to have this ready by Mother’s Day 2014!  Let’s make that a reality.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Nancy N. Wilson


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