Mediterranean Vs Paleo

Which Diet Is Right For Me?

Losing weight seems to be a national activity today. As a result, the question that often arises is which diet is the best to help me lose all my extra weight? Mediterranean vs Paleo? Or, some other diet?

Comparing diets is like comparing apples to oranges – it is almost impossible to do so because they are all different. When trying to compare the Mediterranean Diet to the Paleo Diet – they are worlds apart and both have pros and cons to consider.

Popularity and media hype should not be the factors that determine your choice. The choice should be based on your personal preferences and what is best for your overall health.

Yes, the Paleo Diet is currently extremely popular. Everyone from your TV repairman to your best friend is considering this diet. Coupled with the popularity of Crossfit and its ardent enthusiasts who endorse the diet, it has been given an extra boost in popularity.

Regardless of its popularly and vocal supporters, the real question you must ask yourself is:  Is the paleo diet right for me?

Paleo Diet – Sacrifices and Changes Required

For me the term “paleo” (from the “Paleolithic” age) conjures up images of dirty, uncivilized cavemen hunting and eating raw meat, which I suppose has a certain appeal to the masculine gender.

However, the diet requires huge sacrifices and changes that are not particularly good for your health beginning with lots of meat, animal organs such as the liver and heart – all prepared in a specific way. You will probably need a freezer to store your meat. Personally, it makes me shudder to think about the stress a heavy intake of red meat will put on my body.

Eating dinner in a restaurant will always be a hassle since most restaurants do not prepare meals in a paleo manner. I doubt you mainstream American cities you will be able to find a restaurant that uses pure coconut oil to prepare their dishes.

Mediterranean Diet – Easy and Natural

The Mediterranean diet on the other hand is uncomplicated and easy to follow. Even the name makes you feel good – bringing pictures to mind of sun-kissed beaches, good food, beautiful women, etc. Nothing even remotely related to a hairy caveman.

The diet is rich in olive oil, fish, fruit, nuts and other healthy fats. Eating out is easy because. It does not create a problem when you ask the chef to prepare your fish using extra virgin olive oil.  Any good restaurant will be happy to accommodate you.

Another big plus for me is that I am not required to develop a taste for animal organs. Yes, the Mediterranean diet can be potentially more fattening than the Paleo Diet. But, you can lose weight on any diet if you exercise regularly and take in fewer calories that you burn – moderation is key!

So, if you like tasty, healthy, natural foods that are easy to prepare and do not include large quantities of red meat and animal organs, you will definitely be better off with the Mediterranean diet.

A diet that is restrictive and has demanding preparation requirements is difficult to sustain over time, which is all true of the Paleo Diet Recipes.

With the Mediterranean Diet, the recipes are much simpler and easy to prepare – using basically natural foods that can be purchased at any good grocery store, which makes it much easier to follow and stay with over time.

Adapting to the Paleo Diet takes time and some serious adjustment in taste preferences.  When trying to lose weight – watching your calorie intake and establishing a good exercise routine is difficult enough. Compounding those challenges with a complicated diet may defeat you before you really get started. It requires too many changes – too fast!

The Mediterranean Diet is simply a healthy eating plan that eliminates the normal processed and junk food diet that most people have adopted.

The Choice is Yours

Mediterranean vs. Paleo . . . Of course, ultimately, the choice is yours.

Just be smart about your choice and give it careful consideration.  Do not allow yourself to be swayed they media hype. The Paleo Diet will not make you stronger. The Mediterranean diet will not make you an oily creature.

Both diets can be effective. The main question is – which will work best for you, which will you be able to sustain long-term, and which will give you the long term results you want?

Examine the pros and cons and make a decision based on your body and your habits. Knowing yourself and taking care of your health are more important than the diet you choose. 

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