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Recipe of the Day

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Recipe of the Day will only be posted on weekdays only from this point forward.

For the past few months I have posted a recipe everyday, but have decided to post only five recipes a week – Monday through Friday.  For all of my loyal followers, I hope that you will continue to join me for new and exciting recipes each day of the week – and also enjoy the weekends off. We both deserve it.

Many of the recipes I post can be made ahead (in preparation for the weekend) and either frozen, or heated up, which gives you a little breather in your cooking duties. Others can be made for an easy Saturday night supper or the fancier dishes can be served for Sunday Brunch or Dinners.One thing you can count on is a variety over time.

The recipes are printable, which makes them easy to store on your computer and print when you need them.

If there is a series that you would be particularly interested in having me cover – just let me know!

Thanks for joining me!