Sauce Recipes – 50 Tasty Choices


Often all you need to make a good meal or dessert great is the perfect sauce.

This  is a special collection of recipes to accompany the other six volumes in the series. They are grouped in categories for easy reference.

– Sauces for grilling and roasting meat
– Sweet dessert sauces
– Essential classic sauces
– Specialty sauces that do not fit into the other categories
– Sauces for meats and vegetables
– Sauces for pasta

Most of the sauces are fairly quick and easy to prepare, with the exception of a few that take a little more time and effort (but are so worth it) such as: Hot Caramel Sauce, Hot Fudge Sauce – The Real Deal, Sharon’s Lasagna Sauce, and Classic Hollandaise Sauce.

I encourage you to try each one and find your favorites – first for your family and then, others that are perfect for entertaining. Play with the recipes.

Many of the recipes can be used in a variety of ways – be creative and have a good time!

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