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Little Extras for Help with Weight-Loss Success

The two basic things you have to do to have a successful weight-loss journey is consume fewer calories (eat less) and exercise more.  It is a pleasure to report that it is possible to do both of these things without feeling deprived or overwhelmed. Just add these two little extras for help with weight-loss success. […]

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Learning to Eat Healthy

Forgive me for digressing a bit from this series.  My recent episode with the heat and loss of my air conditioner for several days reminded me of the challenges of continuing to eat healthy when it is incredibly hot. Because of that I wanted to share a few of my favorite hot-weather recipes. Today I […]

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Healthy and Simple Mid-Morning Snacks

The key to healthy snacking is choosing wisely. By mid-morning, the energy from breakfast has been used up, hunger is building and the stomach begins to rumble. If you wait until lunch to replenish your energy, chances are you will overeat at your mid-day meal. Mid-morning cravings and stomach pangs are usually the result of […]

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Smart Snack Choices to Keep You Healthy

Snack choices can increase chances of a successful outcome for any diet or throw you completely off track. And . . . if your goal is a healthy lifestyle, smart snacking is critical. The idea of healthy snacks may seem completely impossible when your goal is to eat healthy, nutritious foods. In fact, healthy snacks may […]

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Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Low Fat and Low Sugar Suggestions Finding healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth can be challenging. Not everyone can satisfy their sweet tooth with fruits, even if they are at peak perfection ripeness and could be classified as ‘Fruits from The Garden of Eden.’ If you among this group, you have my sympathies. But, […]

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