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Good Health Starts At HOme
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Good Health Starts at Home

It is a lifestyle built on the foundation of healthy eating.

One of the most important things moms and dads can do is to prepare tasty, healthy meals for their families. Being living examples of a healthy lifestyle is a powerful legacy.

Make Cooking a Family Affair

Seize the opportunity to strengthen family bonds by cooking as a family. Each meal becomes an adventure that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit.

  1. You can create wonderful memories
  2. It is a fun social activity – a time to unplug and connect
  3. There are important lessons to be learned
    • Everyone can cook (no restrictions on age, gender, etc.)
    • Understanding that cooking is a process – planning/preparing/cleaning up
    • Gratitude for the food and for those who prepare it
    • Developmental for young children – reading and following recipes, measuring, sorting, and completion of a project
    • Appreciation for healthier foods
    • Jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle

My Love Affair with Food

Cooking was my one constant when I was growing up and an integral part of my years as a wife and mother.  I loved being in the kichen and preparing delicious meals. It was a creative outlet that allowed me to quietly express my love and appreciation for friends and family.

Food preparation is an art form that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, or previous cooking experience.

My goals for this Website are to share my vast collection of recipes, to express my passion for the art of cooking and to support you in living a healthier lifestyle,

A Lifetime Collection of Recipes

I have been collecting recipes for over 60 years. The sources are numerous – beginning with my mother, then friends, colleagues, church groups, recipes from my travels, and updated versions of old recipes that I found on the Internet.

I have also drawn from old cookbooks that go back to my childhood, from recipes in product packaging, from the home and family section of newspapers and from magazines.  All were kept safe in a box in my pantry for eons.

Many were copied directly from the paper on which they were originally written; some have morphed a little over the years; and some are newer versions of family favorites that have been passed from friend to friend to friend.

It is a pleasure to share them with you. They are my contribution to the well-being of families everywhere. All of my cookbooks (which began with the Mama’s Legacy Series) were created to serve the people who use them.

Make The Recipes Your Own

Hopefully, the cookbooks will inspire you and other family members to  focus on good health through creative, healthy cooking. Build your own collection of recipes that you can share with others.

It is time to try the recipes, to make them your own, and to share them with your family and friends.

My Cookbooks Here

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