Cake Making Made Easy – Instructions & 60 Cakes

Cake-coverEveryone who loves to cook should master the art of cake making. 

You can make any day an extraordinary day, by serving a delicious cake to family and friends – cake making is easier than you may think!

This book was written primarily for the cake maker who has always relied on a cake mix for special occasions rather than dive into the adventure of making a cake from scratch.

The goal of this book was to provide all the information that is necessary for any cook to create amazing cakes. It will turn the cake-making process into something you can do with ease. It was also planned for the experienced baker who is interested in refining his or her baking skills.

There is nothing sweeter than to arrive home after a long, grueling day at school or the office and find a favorite cake waiting – warm from the oven. This book will help you become a great cake maker. You will be able to give that gift of love often.

Selecting recipes for this book was difficult because there are so many different types of cakes and such a wide variety of recipes available from which to choose. My first plan was to offer 40 cakes, which grew to 50, and finally the number settled on 60.

I hope this book will help you embrace the challenge of making cakes from scratch.

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