Candy Making Made Easy – Instructions and 17 Starter Recipes

Candy Making Made Easy Cover

When you know what you are doing, have the right tools, start with good quality ingredients, use good recipes, and allow plenty of time to do it right.

This cookbook will teach you about . . 

  • Equipment and Tools
  • Basic Ingredients
  • Making the Candy
  • Types of Candies
  • 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Safety Tips
  • Packing and Shipping Candy

PLUS . . . 17 Starter Recipes – Easy and delicious; cooked and uncooked – Learn how to make fondant, caramels, fudge, rock candy, peanut brittle, dipping chocolates, and more. There is an excellent collection of recipes for you the test and refine your candy-making skills.

The desire to make candy is often the first step into the culinary world and the first cooking adventure of many great cooks. If you missed this experience as a child or teenager, there is no time like the present to take your first journey into the scrumptiously exciting world of candy making.

This is the first step to becoming a local celebrity . . . the neighborhood Candy Master!

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