CHICKEN RECIPES – 25 Classic Dinners

Mama’s Legacy Series, Vol IV


CHICKEN RECIPES - COVERThis is the perfect collection of classic chicken recipes that every good cook should know how to prepare.

Chicken – 25 Classic Dinners is the fourth volume in the series and includes many of the traditional chicken recipes that, plus a few extra recipes to enrich the dinner menus for the busy modern day woman or man, who loves to cook.

I wanted the cookbook to contain a solid variety of traditional recipes with some unusual ones in the mix – each one ideal for a tasty family dinner, yet elegant enough for entertaining. I think that I have accomplished that and hope that you will agree.

Chicken has always been the primary meat served in our home, so I have tried almost every kind of chicken recipe there is. The only specifically non-chicken recipe in the collection is a bonus – my personal Thanksgiving Turkey and Dressing recipe that I couldn’t resist sharing.

The 25 recipes in this cookbook range from comfort food such as Chicken and Dumplings  to quick and easy pasta dishes such as Chicken Carbonara to more complicated fare such as Chicken Divan, Chicken Étouffée and Coq au Vin. None of the dishes are particularly difficult, but a few require extra time to prepare ken. They are all delicious. 

With this cookbook, you will h ave a wonderful cache of chicken recipes that will serve you extremely well over the years – and a foundation on which you can build as the years go by. The dishes will not only please your family today, but can be passed down through the generations for others to enjoy.

You will want to try every recipe because they are all delicious. Happy Cooking!

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