DINNER – 55 Easy Recipes

Mama’s Legacy Series, Vol. I

Dinner - 55 Easy Recipes CoverAre you constantly challenged when trying to decide what to cook for dinner?

If you are like most cooks, you probably have three or four main dishes that you prepare over and over again because they are easy and familiar.

 Are you ready to be more creative by expanding your choices and enhancing your cooking skills? 

DINNER – 55 Easy Recipes was written to help you do exactly that.

Nancy N Wilson, author of over 15 cookbooks, has 60+ years of experience cooking for friends and family.

She was married for the first 20 years of her children’s lives, but she always worked. There was little time for cooking complicated meals. She was always on the lookout for recipes that were easy to prepare in the shortest amount of time possible and still stay within her budget. She has selected many of those for this volume.

This cookbook is a MUST HAVE for all busy moms and dads who want to feed their families well, but have limited time.

She is excited to present DINNER, Volume I of  the Mama’s Legacy Series. You can choose from a variety of exquisite  main course dishes that include several of her personal favorites. Each one was selected from hundreds of recipes she has collected over the years.

If you are a novice cook, we recommend you begin with the easier recipes: Balsamic Pork Chops, Carne AsadaLinguini with Clam Sauce, and Baked Mac and Cheese Casserole. Then, advance to the more difficult ones until you ultimately try them all!

It won’t take long to find the ones you love to prepare and the ones your family enjoys the most.

It is time to get cooking! Enjoy this new infusion of deliciousness into your recipe repertoire.

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