Nancy N. Wilson (Author)

Nancy N Wilson is freelance writer, blogger and bestselling author of 30+ books. She was born and reared in a small farming community in Southern Arizona and earned her B.S. Degree in Education and Psychology at Utah State University.Nancy N Wilson

After graduation she moved to San Francisco to launch a modeling career.

That adventure ended when she married, moved to Spain for two years, and subsequently had four children – all of whom are now grown with families of their own.

After her return to the U.S., her first entrepreneurial venture began with the purchase of a small wallpaper shop in Los Gatos, CA.

She quickly expanded the business into a thriving Gift and Design Shop and eventually built a world-class commercial interior design business.

She loved the creative challenges of design but, her real passion was writing. Her dream was to become a published author; but, it took a while to realize that dream.

She and her children moved to Arizona when her marriage ended. Through a serendipitous opportunity she became a master trainer in the newly expanding personal growth arena.

She led workshops throughout the U.S. and Asia and happily declares it was the best job ever! Working with people who wanted to improve their lives and opening doors for them to that possibility was deeply gratifying work.

She subsequently earned her MBA at the Thunderbird School of Global Management and joined a consulting firm in New York City as a Senior Consultant and Master Trainer.

Her area of expertise was Leadership and Management Development. Her responsibilities included workshop development and facilitation, plus training of trainers for Corporate America.

She spent a number of years serving clients across the US, as well as the UK, Ireland, Belgium, and Switzerland. It was an exciting time.

She travelled extensively and used her writing ability to create materials for numerous workshops. It was not the publishing arena that she had dreamed of, but at least she was writing.

Finally, in 2012, life events brought her to a point that she decided the time had finally come for her to write and become a published author.

She spent the year writing her first book, “Power Up Your Brain,”  written under the psuedonym, J. J. Jackson.

Her most recent book, “WOW, You Look Fantastic!”

All of her books can be purchase through Amazon.

Check out her amazing line of cookbooks, plus others that will help you live a happier, healthier life.  For example, “Attitude Adjustment – Make Your Whole Outlook Brand New, discusses the impact that attitude can have on the life you live.

Is it one of constant doom and gloom, or one of happiness and joy. If it is the later, terrific – keep doing what you are doing! If it is the gloom and doom, negative attitude that pushes people away, the book gives you some options of things you can do to change. It is a short book, but full of great information.

All her work is non-fiction. Even though she loves fiction, it has never been her focus. Her choice has always been and will continue to be  non-fiction topics that interest and intrigue her and to share what she discovers with her readers.

In addition to her work as an author, she has three blogs:

Forty Plus @ – written especially for women – thoughts and shared experiences on how to make each day count.

Nancy’s Blog @ https://NancyNWilson.comwith words of wisdom on how to live a happier, healthier life.

Healthy Living Blog @ with tips and guidelines for healthy living.

Her primary passion is helping women live happier, healthier lives.

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