Positive Results of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet became popular when statistics revealed that people in Mediterranean countries actually live longer and experience less heart disease!

Mediterranean Diet
Image by lunamarina

This sparked a lot of interest among researchers who began to dig deeper into the reasons behind the statistics. They found that the type of fats eaten in this diet were actually good for heart health and the type of nutrient-rich diet the Mediterranean people enjoyed could have profoundly beneficial results.

Since you may be considering it as a possible healthy diet, I wanted to share some specific positive results of the Mediterranean Diet.

Overall Better Health

The Mediterranean Diet improves your overall well-being – and does so in several important ways.

We have already talked about the importance of the healthy fats found in olive oil and the heart benefits of resveratrol found in red wine. The diet also includes an abundance of garlic and fiber which are both helpful in sustaining healthy blood pressure.

The nutrient rich foods – fish, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains provide Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamins D & E, which make you look healthier. They give your skin a natural glow; plus, they make you hair and nails stronger and the whites of your eyes whiter.

Add sunshine (and sun screen) to give yourself a nice healthy tan to complete the picture. Everyone looks better when our bodies are strong and healthy.

More Energy

Just think what you could accomplish if you had energy that lasted throughout the day, with plenty remaining for evening activities. That is possible when you eat nutrient-rich foods that fuels your body with everything it needs.

A healthy diet improves the function of your mitochrondria (the structures within cells that convert food into a form of energy that cells can use), which provides the body with lots of usable energy. As a result, you will feel supercharged and ready to go whenever you need to be!

Healthier Weight Loss

If you are one of the many who is always looking for a way to control their weight, the Mediterranean Diet is a good choice. It contributes to weight loss in a healthy, sustainable and long-lasting way.

You will want to snack less and your hunger will be satisfied with smaller portions. This is primarily because you will no longer be eating empty-calorie junk food; and your body will be far more efficient at burning fat the way it was meant to.

Better Lifestyle

The Mediterranean Diet has a wonderful another benefit than you may not have thought of – an overall happier, healthier lifestyle.

You will gain a new respect for food and its importance in your life. This diet is about taking the time to cook REAL meals with REAL FOOD – about taking the time to actually enjoy what you eat. And . . . most important – it is about eating good, healthy foods.

When all of that becomes important in your life, you will find yourself spending more time with your family – and even preparing lovely romantic meals for your spouse or significant other.

Food will no longer be something you eat to live. The Mediterranean lifestyle encourages you to slow down, enjoy the process of cooking, enjoy the wonderful aromas that come from the simmering pots – and sitting down with family and friends around a lovely table with warm sunshine on your back as your eat, laugh and enjoy . . . . together!