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Stay Close to Nature for Healthy Eating

7 Simple Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Stay close to nature for healthy eating that will protect your amazing gift of life that came with a miraculous vehicle – the human body. It has the power to grow from infancy to adulthood, regenerate itself in some areas, and functions on many intricate levels so we can live our lives, plus it has the amazing ability to heal itself. Yet, in spite of all that potential power, many people are suffering from illness and disease.

America is the best fed country in the entire world – yet illness runs rampant.  Just because your stomach is full, it does mean that you are well-nourished. Empty calories from sugar and sugar products, “Big Gulps,” energy drinks, chips and fast foods may fill your stomach, but do not contribute to good health.

What is missing is a healthy diet filled with nutritious food. The average person’s body is not receiving the nutrients it needs to function effectively. Without proper nutrition, people cannot live happy, healthy lives.

Definition of Diabetes
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For the past year I have been enrolling people in Medicare Health Plans. I am surprised and disturbed by the number of elderly people who suffer with diabetes and heart disease. The percentage of people affected is huge. But, those problems are not limited to the elderly, they are also prevalent among younger age groups, as well; plus their bodies are being ravaged by rampant obesity, back problems, and auto-immune illness. The sad fact is that most of these conditions can be traced to a lack of adequate nutrition (not a lack of food, but a lack of nutritious food).

You may be aware that in the distant past, the fatter you were, the higher your social status, because only rich people were fat – while the poor farmers were not.

That trend has completely reversed itself today, in North America. As a general rule, wealthy people tend to be thinner than poor people. The reason is very obvious. The poorer groups tend to eat more inexpensive pre-packaged items that are filled with white sugar and white flour; plus, cheap sugary snack foods. Good protein, fruits and vegetables are not part of their regular diets – primarily because they tend to be among the more expensive items in the grocery store.

Advertising and the media in general have contributed to this problem by insisting that sugary cereals are somehow good for you, that “milk” does a body good, that eating a “fourth meal” is good for you, and that we need more protein in our diets. Unfortunately, many moms really do believe that eating a chicken nugget is a high protein treat, therefore, it is good. After all, it is baked.

The most important bit of good news that I can give you is that good nutrition is not complicated. If people take the time learn what makes up nutritious meals (and even Doctors do not learn nutrition in med school), it is really quite simple.

There does not need to be a division between rich and poor on this issue! Everyone can afford to eat healthy, if they choose.

Fruits and Vegetables - Colors of the Rainbow
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Just follow a few basic principles:

  • Eat as close to nature as possible.
  • Give up processed foods*
  • Choose a wide variety of colorful fruits and veggies
  • Eat only whole grains
  • Drink lots of clean, fresh water
  • Get your body moving everyday
  • Get adequate rest (7 to 8 hours/night)

*Processed foods like white sugar, white bread, frozen dinners, and many boxed and canned foods are not good for anyone – don’t buy or eat anything with additives.

Frozen vegetables are acceptable substitutes for fresh vegetables. Just make sure you buy flash-frozen pure veggies with no additives. (Flash-frozen immediately after being harvested suspends “aging” and nutrient loss.)

Plan your meals so that every person in the family gets the right number of servings and calories for their own height and weight.

Every person in your family does not need two slices of whole wheat bread and 1 cup of brown rice. Some people need less and some will need more. No one needs a serving of potato chips or a pudding pack.

Feed your family well by staying close to nature and reap the benefits that the rainbow fruits and veggies offer in terms of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and micronutrients.