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Enjoy Quinoa Hot or Cold

Quinoa can be used in many dishes and in many different ways. It can also be eaten hot or cold – both are delicious and nutritious.

Because of its versatility and health benefits, it should become a staple in your kitchen. Always have this nutrient-filled seed available in your pantry.

For the fun of it, let’s look at a few hot and cold ways to prepare this delicious ancient food.

Let’s Make It Hot

Image by charlotteLake

There is nothing quite like a satisfying, hot meal to fill the tummy and warm the heart. As we have discussed in previous posts, quinoa is an excellent substitute for almost any rice dish. But, don’t forget that it also stands on its own merits as the main ingredient for main-course meals.

A wonderful way to start the day is with creamy hot quinoa. You cook it much the same way as you would oatmeal. Add a little honey or brown sugar, milk or cream, and serve with or without dried or fresh fruit.

Dinner meals with quinoa are very easy – just use your imagination. Create a jambalaya dish with tomatoes, sausage, shrimp and spices. Cooked this way, it is a rice replacement that becomes the main focus of the dish with the other ingredients added for flavor.

Finally – quinoa is outstanding for baking. You can use fluffy cooked quinoa, quinoa flour, or quinoa meal.

  • Gluten-free quinoa flour is an excellent substitute for regular wheat flour.
  • Quinoa meal is a good choice if you want a grainier, heartier product.
  • Fluffy, cooked quinoa can be added to muffins and breads – it adds protein and a nice, light texture.

Let’s Make It Cold

Image by ildi
Image by ildi

Cold quinoa recipes are equally as delicious as the hot ones. The versatility and qualities that quinoa brings to cold dishes is almost unmatched in the culinary world.

With chilled quinoa dishes, you can have a world-class dining experience without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Using chilled, cooked quinoa, you can enjoy dishes ranging from stuffed grape leaves to a sweet cucumber Thai salad. The possibilities are endless.

For your next buffet or potluck dinner, have fun with your guests. Let them create their own unique culinary experience by serving a large bowl of chilled quinoa with a variety of spices and additional ingredients in small side dishes.

Cold quinoa desserts range from Creamy Quinoa Pudding (similar to rice pudding, but with quinoa, of course) to Dark Chocolate Quinoa Truffles to Quinoa Pumpkin Muffins Recipe with Cream Cheese Filling and Streusel Topping.

You will be blown away at the variety of taste delights that can be made to please friends, family, and guests.

You may even run into some chefs who are experimenting quinoa in their sushi and other traditional Asian dishes.

Try adding a few tablespoons of chilled, cooked quinoa in your smoothies or blend with your favorite fresh juice.

Yummy Food Adventures

Regardless of whether you choose to enjoy quinoa hot or cold, you have many options. Have and explore and experiment with new ways to prepare and use quinoa. Now that I have given you some ideas of ways to use quinoa, start with some of your favorite recipes and add or substitute quinoa into the mix.

Not only will your family favorites get a new kick, you may actually stumble onto the next great food discovery and become famous!

Because there is so much protein packed into each tiny seed, it is no wonder people are substituting quinoa in so many of their favorite dishes and drinks.

But, the bottom line is that quinoa is just plain yummy. Grab a package today and start experimenting NOW!