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Five Top Fat-Burning Foods

Fat-Burning Foods

Fueling your body properly is one of the key factors in eating healthy. There is a lot of on-going research regarding fat-burning foods that can help you burn calories and manage your weight.  If you understand the research, and use the ingredients correctly, you will be able to enjoy all of the possible health benefits. Let’s take a look at five top fat-burning ingredients.

Iced Green Tea
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Green tea has grown in popularity and moved from the category of an exotic beverage to a household name – right up there with orange pekoe tea. The extract of green tea provides you with EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), caffeine and antioxidants that all do wonders for your body when combined properly.

The caffeine combined with the EGCG helps to boost your metabolism and process carbs.  At the same time, antioxidants in the ingredients help flush toxins out of your body and build a more efficient immune system. Matcha Green Tea is by far the best choice.


These were made popular by Dr. Oz, the TV medical guru.

These ketones are the primary compound that creates the aroma of red raspberries.  It is a protein used by your body to help regulate your metabolism. According to recent studies, it is helps your body dissolve fat molecules quicker. Plus, the idea of indulging in a diet that includes the beautiful aroma of raspberries is an added plus.


Also known as “the magic bean” and there are good reasons why.  In addition to being a good source of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and anti-oxidants, they also help control blood sugar and aid in weight loss.

One of the main problems with eating carbohydrates is that they can send your blood sugar soaring; plus, when you have excess blood sugar or glucose your body, it is converted int fat. To slow down this process there are carbohydrate inhibitors that work by stopping the release of alpha-amylase (the enzyme that converts carbs into glucose).  White kidney beans supply you with that inhibitor.

A placebo-controlled study of 60 people showed that those who were taking the inhibitor lost an average of 6.45 pounds in 30 days compared to the 1 pound over 30 days in the placebo takers.


The body uses twice as many calories to break down whole grain foods versus their processed white counterparts, which is a primary reason to switch. Choices include:  whole grain pasta, rice, breads and cereals.

100% whole grains are natural and healthy, however, it is the overall diet that matters – just switching to whole grains is not enough. These fat burning molecules can only be successful when the overall diet is managed well. For example cutting back on your sugar consumption is critically important.


Capsaicin is the compound in peppers that gives them their heat, and it also heats up the body, which increases the number of calories that are burned.

How to Use the Top Five Fat Burning Ingredients

1.    Green Tea Iced Tea

This one is easy – simply substitute green tea instead of your regular Earl Grey.

To make a tasty tea, combine fruits into the process of creating the tea. The easiest way to infuse your tea with fruit is simply add the fruit.  You can also squeeze a lemon or orange wedge into the green tea for a light citrus flavor; or, add lightly mashed strawberries, blackberries, blueberries or raspberries and stir them into the tea.

More favorites are made with melon cubes (watermelon or cantaloupe) – or use peach or nectarine wedges. They all add tasty fruit flavors to iced green tea. Experiment and find the combinations of fruits that you enjoy.

2.    Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones can be purchased in liquid form and added to juices and protein shakes. You can also purchase it in capsule form. Click here to look at some of your options: Raspberry Ketones.

3.    White Kidney Beans

My first choice for these magic beans is to use them in chili.  The beauty of this method is that it requires minimal effort and produces maximum flavor. Use ground turkey instead of ground beef to make the chili even healthier.

Chili is also an excellent choice for anyone who is managing their diet for weight control.  It stores well in the fridge or the freezer and offers ready-made individual meals whenever you need them. By adding other healthy ingredients, such as, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and even carrots, you can make this hearty meal even healthier.

4.    Whole Grains

There are many ways to use whole grains in cooking. The most obvious one is to use them in place of all white flour products. For example: use 100% whole-wheat pasta in all your pasta dishes; use brown rice instead of white in stir fry, side dishes and salads; and choose whole-wheat products instead of white breads, bagels, muffins and tortillas.

5.    Hot Peppers

There is a wide variety of peppers from mild to hot – and many of them are available in multiple forms:  raw, cooked, dried, and powdered (cayenne). Peppers can be added to eggs, stews, salads, meats, fish, poultry, sauces, stews and soups.